Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Beverage transformers

   Today I had a call from Jirka OK2RZ ( please see his web! ) around beverage transformers. We spoke about Amidon material 43 and 73. So I decided to do some quick measurements. I do not have material 73, so I tested only 43 and 75 one, which I have got into 2N5109 preamps...

Design is from ON4UN book:

[1] source ON4UN Low Band DXing book

S11 - SWR - for BN-43-202

S21 - insert loss - for TWO BN-43-202

S11 - SWR - for T50-75

S21 - insert loss - for BN-43-202 + T50-75

Some more info about material 73 at OK3RM web.

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