Wednesday, February 26, 2020

CQ WW 160m SSB 2020 as OL7M in M/S

Because we had to dismantle all our 9 BVRGs on Monday, we decided to participate in SSB part of CQ WW 160 contest. We used a standard setup IC7800 + IC7600, without in-band station. We hoped for good conditions to NA, but unfortunately they did not take place this time, SRI. During the contest our QTH was again in extremely bad weather – huge rain and storm with wind around 100 km per hour. Because of the weather and for some technical problems we lost over 1 hour in the prime US time. Even so, we are finally satisfied with 27 US/VE multipliers what is decent for this year CONDX. No west coast state at all. Best DX from NA is WD5R from AR and AA0RS from CO.

Despite the average conditions we managed a few nice DX QSO – TI1T, PP5JR, YC0LOU, 7C1B and ODX LU8DPM, which is 12.110km. Thanks guys !

Unfortunately, we were very disappointed by the absence of leading stations from the category Multi on There were no stations such HG8DX, US1Q, UA7K, PJ4G and others .... Of course, it is  completely voluntary, but next time in this situation we will think very well, whether we will use it again or not. It is a pity, but probably not yet the right time for on line score ....

Anyway, we enjoyed the contest to the fullest and it was great time!  

We would like to thanks the organizers for their efforts and we really hope and believe, that as like CQ WW CW/SSB/RTTY and CQ WPX CW/SSB/RTTY this year Public Logs from CQ WW 160 will be also available. Thanks!

Thanks a lot to all stations for your calling !

20m old stack after storm
160m Icom line

Monday, February 10, 2020

CQ WPX RTTY 2020 as OL9A in SO-80M

RTTY is fun :) So WPX was another contest to play this RYRYRY game. We do have EU record as OL7M in MS, Pavel OK1MU EU record in SOAB and my WORLD record on 80m HP and SOAB as OL9A. So which category? We do not have rotary 40m antenna now, so no way for SOAB, low bands are the best choice this year... Lets see if I can increase score of my world record. Conditions on the low bands were great last months and all antennas are ready included 10 beverages. I could use only 8 of tham but still it is nice number.

I had to repair IP switch system for beverages but I demaged one controller a few hours before the contest:( So firts night I had the same beverages for both TRXs. I found mistake on Saturday afternoon and repaired it. It worked somehow... 

I also had problem with N1MM+, I was not able to switch on Online-score. When I turn it on, than log stopped working :( also DXC did not show 80m spots :) So I connected another PC in network and run both on it.

Contest started with lower numbers of QSOs. I did have good signal in NA on RBN but not as many takers as I expected. First night I made 486 QSO - 356 WPX - 2226 points = 792 456 on score.
Second night there were strong signals from NA, sounded like 40 or 20m, but in about 2 UTC someone switched NA off :( Or no takers from NA? Second night total: 965 QSO - 586 WPX - 4368 points = 2 559 648 on my score table.

Total count of NA: 226 x K + 25 x VE compare to 229 x NA in 2017.

I made more NA than last time when the world record were achieved, but missing EU. I also found big problem with EU stations. I had to repeate RST many times in maybe 40% of stations I called... 

Missing 56 x DL, 23 x SP, 15 x OK, 10 x I etc. compare to 2017.

Nice to be called by Alan VK7BO, Graham VK7ZO, Bill ZL3VZ, Francisco TG9ANF, Robert T6A, Preston DU6/N6SS, and others.
And two times spotted by WH7W skimmer :)

IC-7800 and IC-7600
8 beverage antennas
4SQ of sloping dipoles and
dipol in 20m

Congrats to Mac SP2XF as SN2M for nice score and new SP record.

And BIG thanks to Pavel OK1MU for food service and help befor and after the contest!

Thanks for the nice virtual fight to Mac SP2XF as SN2M and Jan OK1NP as OL4C
Something almost impossible - spots from KH6 skimmer on 80m RTTY!

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

CQ WW 160m CW as OK6W SO non-assisted

Pavel OK1MU run CQ WW 160 CW 2020 in Single OP non-assisted from OL7M contest QTH.
There is his 3830 post:

Two years ago the storm has destroyed our original vertical for the TOP band, so we decided to build a brand new, huge and stable 39 m high vertical with 120 radials. After two years of work, the project was completed and this was the first big contest where we could test the new vertical in real operation. 

Before the contest I set my private goal to try overcome the 1.400 QSOs and try to break also the 15 years old national SOSB record by Jirka OK1RF. The whole contest was good old one man show - just one radio and one operator, no SO2R, no DX cluster, no spots, no web sdr scams, as today becomes common with some pooor guy... The combination of nice CONDX and excellent activity on the band eventually exceeded all my expectations. Best hour was 172 QSO, after three hours there were 420 QSO in the log. National record was broken after 19 hours on the contest. Its amazing and I enjoyed every one minute for full 30 hours. My final result in SOSB with just 30 hours QRV is better than all our results from OL7M in previous years, when we were full time in MS. Incredible. 

Thank to Jan OK2ZAW for technical support before the contest, all technology worked perfectly without any problem full contest. Big thanks to you everyone who called me, because without you, this great result would never been possible! 

Thanks and see you soon in ARRL CW in Multi Pavel OK1MU/OK6W

Tunning part to SWR 1 : 1,02

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Again after a year there was the first Multi Single contest. There is a few photos and 3830 notes from Pavel OK1MU. Also some work was done :)

ARRL RTTY RU - Nice start  of new contesting year. Since some multipliers were only on FT4, for the first time we had to try this kind of operation. We made 1 x FT8 and 73 x FT4 QSO. Technologically, FT modes are very interesting, but .... Of course, everybody does what he enjoys, but this is nothing for us. In addition, we had also big problems with logging, rewriting QSO numbers etc. FT4 and FT8 should have their own special contest but should not be counted as the usual DIGI modes where the human factor is needed. This is a purely automatic robotic thing without the necessity of a human. Btw, number of our qso with NA for all years when we regularly participate in ARRL Roundup:
2013 - 693 QSO 
2014 - 682 QSO 
2015 - 443 QSO 
2016 - 516 QSO 
2017 - 425 QSO 
2018 - 444 QSO 
2020 - 625 QSO 

Anyway, the contest was great and we enjoyed it very mutch. Thank you all for ALL QSOs and we look forward next time.

Upgraded 4 TRX Remote/SO2R switch box and 2el Moxon for 40m
 New members of OL7M family :)