Sunday, September 24, 2017

2m EME from Oman as A43MB

We wish to express our sincerest thanks to Sangeeth A45WH and the Members of Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society A47RS (ROARS) led by His Majesty of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said (A41AA) for their invitation to operate from Muscat in the CQ WW RTTY 2017 in M/2.
It is the first time from A4 on RTTY as Multi station.

On the EME we used 2 x 13el Yagi V-pol + 35m of RLF-600, Preamp 0,6dB, PA and IC-9100.

We are sorry to all, thanks to WB noise we were able to be QRV only in the two small windows and were very limited.

QSL INFO: via OK2ZAW !!!

There are some photos:

07:22 DK5LA -18dB
08:01 UA3PTW -23dB
08:13 ON4AOI -23dB
08:19 PA9RX -19dB
08:36 RX1AS -24dB
08:40 I2FAK -17dB audio, (DXCC nr. 200)  !!!
08:45 SM7GVF -22dB
09:07 OK1RD -19dB
09:14 RX3A -22dB
10:35 DF2ZC -21dB
10:39 SP4K -21dB
10:53 SM5DIC -24dB
10:58 ES6RQ -22dB
11:03 EA2AGZ -25dB
11:07 OK1UGA -21dB
11:25 ES3RF -22dB
11:46 EA5CJ -20dB
11:52 ZS4TX -27dB
11:58 I3MEK -24dB
08:04 UR3EE -21dB
08:16 ZS6JON -26dB
08:21 OH3KLJ -23dB
08:29 OK1DIG -22dB
08:34 RK3FG -29dB
09:07 OH2BC -20dB
09:11 PA5Y -25dB
10:09 OK1CU -23dB
10:25 UT5ZN/p -27dB
10:31 G4CDN -22dB
12:09 S52LM -27dB

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Go fiber! :-)

   After long years of using metalic LAN I have decided to do it with optical fiber. Reason is easy, more cables between the houses are longer than 100m. Another thing is the storm and electrostatic voltage.

 Internet 10GHz link and gateway

Monday, August 14, 2017

Shorted 160m vertical for sale :)

   We did have a luck long years... All storms went around and we didn' t have any demages. Unfortunately the last one hit us directly. Our 42m tall vertical fell down. Fortunately there were no more demages.

   And some more progress on the cable lines and I can bring the fiber optic splicing machine next weekend and build fiber optic LAN...

And also some more work on the bathroom :)