Tuesday, February 12, 2019


   I love RTTY :) What more, a year ago we have tried the SO2R 2BSIQ in the BARTG contest. It was a lot of fun! Than Pavel OK1MU as OK6W won the EU in the CQ WPX RTTY 2018 (link) and new way of the single operator contesting started ...

   I wanted to test some new HW, also our new STACK for 20m (link) and enjoyed 2BSIQ contesting in the big contest. All the HW worked great. A lot of new ideas and more work have to be done anyway.

   DX conditions were not so good. The 80m was higher than average, I played on the WC almost all night, also some W6, W7 are in the log. On the other hand, the 40m was really bad. I had less than half of QSOs on 40 than on 80m after the first night... I was not able to have good RUN on 40m during all contest :( The 20m was also not as good as it could be, but our new stack helped a lot! 

   I logged 562 USA, 48 VE, 137 JA and 32 YB.

There were also opening on 15m with the great signal from CT3, but I also easily made the only NA station - W3GH. Thare are no skimmers, so no more spots in RBN :(

   See you next weekend in ARRL CW as OL7M in multi.

80m: 4SQ + dipole
40m: 8el wire Yagi to NA + 2el Moxon
20m: 5/5 stack + 5/5 NEW design stack to NA + 2 x HB9CV (SA,AF)
15m: 6/6
6x beverage
New IP beverage switching by RemoteQTH.com

IC-7800 + IC-7600


RBN at WA7LNW on 80m 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Some more work on TOP band vertical

After a longer time I had got some time to go to OL7M QTH and did some work. Weather was really nice. Compare to my city, there is no snow at QTH. Wx around -4°C and sunny. Great for work and relax. 

I spent some hours on new tower which will work as vertical for 160m. I had to prepare all 8 wires from the top. It took me a few hours in one man. We spent another hours with Pavel OK1MU and Jarda OK1XUB on Sunday and Vertical looks great. Some more final tunning is needed, but now the resistance is around 33 Ohms. So ground system still works :)




Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tower 7: 20+15m Christmas tree is done

   I wanted to go home early :) It was Sunday and me and my girlfriend had some family plans... But we are thinking and Policko (OL7M) is changing :) So during one hour (!) from first "lets go" we did have 5el for 20m on the tower. Than? It is time to go home or finish last 6el for 15m and place it at the tower? Well, lets prepare coax, some final screws and after less than 3 hours our last antenna is there.

   Our new stack 5/5 for 20m is done and the same 6/6/6 for 15m. Last thing must be done... special phasing lines.
    Antennas are designed by Justin G0KSC. First 6el for 21MHz has 14,785m boom and antennas for 20m 15,668m.

   Snow can come :)

Monday, October 22, 2018

New Top band vertical and 15m stack

   Last weekend we do have really a lot of work. On Friday and Saturday morning we finished two 6el for 15m design by Justin G0KSC and when the 50m high crane came we started erecting new Vertical for 160m band. It is 40 x 40 cm tower 35,4m high with the tuning Al tube on top - 60mm 7m long. The rest 120 radials, lambda/4 long each are from the old one. After that we placed two 15m antennas on the tower number seven. Last 5el for 20m and last 6el for 15m are waiting on the ground for the "final" work :)

Thanks a lot for help to Pavel OK1MU, Standa OK1CID, Ondra OK1CDJ, Jarda OK1XUB, Vlada OK1CW, Slavek OK1CU, Martin OK1UGA and young firemen team :)

NEW OL7M look 20th Oct. 2018