Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Some news at our web:

Simply preamplifier module for HF: link
This is simply RX module with 2N5109.

2-Way RX splitter - magic tee: link
Two way RX antenna splitter / combiner. 

4-Way RX antenna system: link
This is system of two pieces of Bi-dir beverage antennas with middle 4-way switch and controller.
With BPFs, preamp etc.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Tower number 9

   After some weeks of work on it, new tower number nine is on the place. It is our smaller one :)
Tower is 21,5m tall, main part is 16m long and there is another 5,5m of pipes. This tower will carry rotary: 6+4m 12 el Yagi and 30m HB9CV. Than it will be support for two HB9CVs for 20m. These fixed antennas will help us (we hope) to work more EU and SDX on 20m band. 

   Thanks to my girlfriend Lucka, we made some more work on warehouse.

Good start is very important!

 Cora, our black lady :)
 Some forgotten work on warehouse 
 Cold and rainy Monday... time for crane
 Pavel OK1MU

Number NINE on the place :)

Monday, April 22, 2019

Happy Easter - 20m and 30m HB9CVs building 

Another nice longer weekend at Policko OL7M QTH. With friends, dogs, pipes and more :) We are still missing two yagies in "new" stacks after the Eberhard storm. But it needs more people and more energy... So we have decided to prepare and build another smal tower and new antennas to another directions. It will be only 16m high tower with two HB9CV for 20m, fixed to missing EU and SDX QSOs. As well there will be 30m HB9CV and 12el for 4 + 6m Yagi. So I spent weekend with HB9CVs building and with some more work on TWR bearings.

Jarda OK1XUB repaired fireplace and Pavel OK1MU assembled parts of the TWR together.

 Jarda OK1XUB and new fireplace
 some pipes and HB9CV
 New TRW and two bearings

Friday, April 5, 2019

Some more work at OL7M QTH...

We spent a few days at QTH. WX was great and we made some more work there. A few more  antennas are down and two new towers are waiting on the ground. I also rebuilt YU7EF dualband yagi for 4m and 6m. There are printed insulators made on my 3D printer. Design is from Dan OK1HRA, you can find it at

Also some more work on TOP band vertical and of yourse, on the garden and trees is done :)

Standa OK1CID run CQ WPX SSB as OK7W on 20m SO.

SWR 2m above the ground
New tower for BIG 40m Yagi and support for 80m one

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Results of the Storm Eberhard...

There were a lot of storms... We lost TOP band vertical last year etc. But this was maybe the strongest one ever at OL7M QTH. Most of rotary antennas is shifted on the pipes... Usually, the strongest winds come from 300 deg. So "parking" position for the antenas is to NA. That Eberhard was different. It looks on W or SW wind. The antenns: 5el for 20m is shifted by 40 deg, 6el for 15m the same, bottom 6el for 15m has broken M8 screw on the linear motor and the two top antennas in the new stacks are demaged... So a lot of work on old antennas instead of new towers and antennas :( Thats live :)