Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hybrid Low Pass filter - 160m,  part 2

   After 20m and 40m Hybrid Low Pass filter there is another one. Now for 160m and nulls 80m. I used RG-213 in first and RLF-10 coax cable in the second filter. There is 12 turns on T300-2 big toroid. There are some results:

RG-213 lambda/4 on 80m:

RLF-10 lambda/4 on 80m:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I love RTTY :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Not only Band Decoder by RemoteQTH.com

   New product at www.RemoteQTH.com. This is Band decoder with another TRX control output based on Arduino.

Main features:

Allows you to read the frequency or band data from your transceiver and switch output relay(s) by the defined rules . Another feature allows you to send frequency to another Icom or Kenwood transceiver (synchronize tuning). Suitable for switching antennas, RX/TX filters, PA, transverters...

Main functions:

  • Available Inputs
    • Serial ASCII
    • Icom CIV
    • Kenwood CAT
    • Yaesu BCD
    • Icom ACC voltage
  • Outputs
    • 14 Relay  (0,5A/125VAC, 1A/24VDC)
    • USB serial ASCII echo
    • Yaesu BCD (relay 11-14)
    • Icom CIV
    • Kenwood CAT
  • Watchdog - if input data missing all relays go OFF after defined time.
  • Fourteen LED output indicated.
  • Configureable in arduino source code.
  • Open code - you can modify.
  • Arduino NANO module compatible.
  • 5V power voltage from USB mini plug.
  • Size 22x3x7cm.
  • Weight 270g.

Please visit RemoteQTH.com web.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Meeting and work at OL7M...

   We had another nice weekend with Mike DM5XX. We could speak about new and old projects, drink a little bit and Mike cooked for us :)

 Mike's killer auflauf and the world's best beer and Cola light? NOOO :( 

   This week we continued with work on Top-Ten hamshack. Standa OK1CID wanted to practise his CW - SSB skills in HA DX contest. There is his result

 More snow - less solar power :)

 Standa OK1CID as OL7M in HA DX contest

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Myanmar and Thailand trip 2015

There are photos from our almost 6 weeks long trip to awesome Myanmar (XZ) and Thailand (HS).

1. Ayutthaya, Thailand

2. Yangon 1, Myanmar

 3. Ngwesaung, Myanmar

4. Yangon 2, Myanmar

5. Kin Pun - Golden Rock, Myanmar

6. Bagan - one of the nicest places I have ever seen, Myanmar


7. Inle Lake, Myanmar

8. Mandalay, Myanmar

9. Bangkok-Khaosan, Thailand

10. Chiang May, Thailand

11. Pai, Thailand

12. Bang Sean, Thailand