Tuesday, November 26, 2019


We had a lot of work before contest on RX antennas, Top Band vertical etc. Finaly a few hours before the contest we were ready. Just 20min before contest start we lost tubes in OM-4000 (second time)...

We now do have ready 9 beverage antennas including 2 wire Bi-Directional one and 2 el end-fire to NA. Adding RX CMCC (common-mode current choke) helped and we feel lower noise from beverages. All HW is from www.QRO.cz :)

 Pavel OK1MU as OK6W SOSB 80m HP
 160m Top Band vertical tunning box
Beverages :)

3830 notes from PAvel OK6W:
Fantastic contest and great fun for 42 hours, which I spent on the band. For the last 3 weeks we have been working very hard on QTH to prepare all equipment for 160/80m, which proved to be crucial during the contest.

Btw, In 2016 I was also on SOSB80m HP, but the conditions for the directionforf the USA were poor, and excellent for JA. This year it was quite opposite. I did great number 640 x NA (previously only 300 NA) and 138 x JA (previously 184 JA). Amazing was the number of BY, which is 22 in the log and also 7 x VK on 80m is good from OK land.

Used IC-7800, OM Power and Sloping dipoles with 4SQ hybrid, antennas multibeaming and Rx switching. Good improvement on RX antennas with additionals CMCC (common-mode current chokes) and 2el end-fire beverage to NA. All parts from www.QRO.cz . For RX used 9 QTF BVRGs, totally over 2400 meters... 
My greatest thanks go to our technical guru Jan OK2ZAW, for complete technical setup and eating service during the contest!

Anyway, it was a beautiful contest that I will remember for a long time. I really appreciate that we managed to break the 15 years old country record held by a nice friend and a great contestman Jirka, OK2RZ!

Thanks a looooot for everybody who calling me, without you, the CQWW would not be what it was !

Pavel OK1MU/OK6W