Monday, October 2, 2017

CQ WW RTTY 2017 as A44A in M/2

We have both come to our homes in Czech Republic. Once again, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the ROARS radio club and all its members for the incredible care and background that we had the chance to experience in Oman! We firmly believe that the result of the contest will be a new continental historical record. Thanks again for a fantastic week spent in Moscat at the wonderful A47RS station.

We made raw over 4000 QSO and 6,6 mil. points. We all hope to be new record in Asia!

And 144MHz EME QSO here.

Radioclub A47RS in Muscat

 2m V-pol antennas and close A.C. systems.
 2m EME

Building antennas:
 L: Paul A65DR, Prince VU3MFW , Pavel OK1MU (A45VC)

Prince with K9AY++ and 4SQ-8DIR hybrid for 40m 4SQ antenna by

L: Hamed A41KT   R: Pavel OK1MU, Issa A41NW

R: "Abdi" Abdulrazak A41JT

Video from the A44A in CQ WW RTTY 2017

Around the Muscat!

Thanks a lot to Hamed A41KT for nice plaquet and A4 presents!

With Prince, Pavel OK1MU, Hamed A41KT, Issa A41NW, Sangeeth A45TT and Manoharan
L: And plaquets at OL7M wall :)   R: another visit

Our new A4 licences :)

And with great person - Sangeeth A45TT !