Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter from OL7M. Some work and Inband step

Happy Easter to all !

We had got nice weekend at Policko. It was nice to see Tomas OK1IC, Dan OK1HRA with XYL Martina and rest of us: Pavel OK1MU, his XYL Kata and cat Marous :)

We had got nice BBQ and long talking. The most of work was on preparing of bathroom. I had to move all HW for solar system. On Sunday we, together with Pavel OK1MU, made another step on INBAND RX system. New "fridge" box in ground for all RF + remote parts.

"fridge" box :)

Monday, April 3, 2017

CQ WPX SSB and first spring work...

   Spring is here! There were new temperature records in OK land with value over 24°C. This is great power after winter time. So what is new at Policko OL7M QTH... 

   A week ago there was CQ WPX SSB contest. I had got a lot of work so I did not run it. But Standa OK1CID and Mike DM5XX participated in it as OK7W and OK8XX. Standa run 40m SOSB and Mike 20m for fun . Conditions are not too funny last months but I believe they did enjoy it :) Standa did not have any RX antennas on 40m what was not so funny thanks to HIGH level of QRM and spletters. But I hope, that next time we could use Inband RX antennas in the wood. Anyway it looks on 3rd place in EU and 4th in WW: Raw score and NEW OK RECORD

   And last weekend: After abt 5 years of talking around, we have decided to built bathroom with shower and all around. Thanks this idea we need to move out old stock and make new one. In that old, there will be bathroom. So it was more than weekend of work and thanks to Slavek OK1CU, Martin OK1UGA, Pavel OK1MU, Ondra OK1CDJ, Alexandra OK1RS, Jarda OK1XUB, Kata XYL from Pavel, friend Lada and my YL Lucka.

   Finaly after long years we can have 40m height crane so now we can change some planes with new towers :) I also hope to do some work on INBAND antennas, hidden box with all switching and splitting parts and WiFi link for remote control.

   And there are some photos :)

 Mike DM5XX / OK8XX and Standa OK1CID as OK7W

 See you in the next post :)