Friday, February 24, 2023

 February 2023 TEP 50 MHz conditions to Africa

18.2. 2023

21.2. 2023

23. and 24.2. 2023

28.2. 2023 NEW ONE FR4OO

Thursday, February 16, 2023

TROPO DUCTING at 2m and 70cm

There was nice tropo ducting after some time. I went to OL7M HF contest QTH, where I do have my remote RIG. I had to change MRF9180 transistor in my small (BY) PA. This QTH is around 300 m asl. and antenna is in 15 m but in W to NW there is a wood.

I made first DX on Sunday evening with GM4YXI with only 3 W and 12 el G0KSC at 1494 km.

OY9JD is my Tropo 2m ODX and nice surprise. He went in and out for 5 hours at distance 1961 km. With around 50 W and 12 el Yagi

70 cm remote from cottage (JN89cj):

I went to cottage on Monday evening with some things because we moved there two days later. I wanted to install simply 2 m remote there with my Adalm Pluto SDR with front ends and 7 el Yagi. But I forgot right coax cable :( But I had 70 cm 12 el DG7YBN. The front end is able to run around 4 W RF out. So I installed antenna just a meter above the ground into one small hole between other cottages. Direction around 320 deg. When I connected the antenna, there were no signal, no noise increase. Front end has got very low gain - I count with a pream in the future. Anyway I was able to made many OZ stations and even SM0DJW at 1017 km with less than 4 W and 12 el @ 1m.

Adalm Pluto SDR with the Front Ends: 4m, 2m, 70 cm

LoRa APRS 70 cm tropo:

Also LoRa 433 MHz had got some good DXes. Compare to my remote QTH in JO80CF, the conditions in 1100 m asl. were one day later compare to 300 m asl. You can see nice DX with very small power in mW but with very great LoRa modulation. OK2ZAW-13 is my tracker in car with mobile antenna. OK2ZAW-17 is solar powered DiGi.

LoRa tracker in my car
Stations heard by OK2ZAW-17 in 1100m asl.
OK2ZAW-17 copied by anothers. PWR 10 dBm + 4x dipoles