Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Lazy weekend at QTH: two new antennas...

Again some work at OL7M contest QTH. Finally no antennas are on the ground. My friend Libor finished our bathroom, I rebuild 2el Moxon for 40m,  we moved 4/6m yagi a little bit, Pavel, Jirka and Martin cut some wood, Jarda painted well and two new antennas are on the tower - 2el HB9CV for 30m and 2el Moxon for 40m. It was 1,5h of work in the air. We have to add motors for both antennas and we are done.


Future 4m dish for X band

2el HB9CV for 30m


 2el moxon for 40m

 Jarda painting