Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10m 4x6el G0KSC H-stack, part 1

   This is our 2014's year project. The four times 6el G0KSC 10m Yagis in H-stack configuration. We do have TOP, 80, 20 and 15 almost ready for the M/M contesting but we are still missing good system for 40 (need some 5el design) and 10m. We did have single 6el at 19m and also 4 x 5 el stack fixed to NA, but nothing bigger and rotary. So the idea is to have 4 times 6el rotary and another small stack 5 el + 6 el, one antenna to AF and SA and second one to Caribbean and NA. There will be our Stack Match to control it.

There is some inspiration from ZW5B:

Dan OK1HRA did some drawing:

Antenna holders:

And there are some first results: 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


   I like it! Yes, there is the biggest RTTY contest again. Last year I win SOSB80 category but this year we do not have 80m ready. There is still a lot of another work... 10m H stack, 40m, solar power system etc. Well I decided to run 40m. Antennas are ready and we do have a new small pistol - 2el Moxon :)

   There were a place to test some new "boxes"  and antennas. I have made Open M/M combine for IG9Y (IO9Y) contest group and this was the best way to test it. I used it to control two RX and one TX, like SO2R but just one radio was able to TX. Another thing .. 2Tone. I still read a lot of about this new decoder so why not to test it! :-)

   Trere is Icom IC-7400 on left with 2Tone detector and IC-7600 on the right side with 2Tone and MMTTY decoders. The Open M/M combine allowed me to share main RX antenna system, control 3 antenna stack match and also use beverages for different RX.

Contest HAM shack:

   At the first time we do have beverages at 40m. Thanks a lot to Dan OK1HRA and Pavel OK1MU for big help with it! Beverages helped a lot during QRM to JA and NA. Thanks it I could break 100 JA QSOs!!! Yes, I worked 101 JAs, thanks a lot guys.

   It was nice to see my call at skimmer servers. I did play the long hours at ZL via LP and SP, great. The same at WZ7I, there must be really great RX system! 

PC screen: 2 * 2Tone and MMTTY detectors, RTTY skimmers NA + ZL :) black boxes: Open Interface + Open M/M combine:

10el Wire Yagi to Caribbean - NA (290deg):

2el Moxon ant:

It was nice to be called by: Hans OA6Q, Michael KH7XX, Wesley ZL3TE, Julian VK4CMV, Ben VK4BRT, Stephen VK3TDX and many others + 8 BY + 101 JAs + 276 K (only) + 38 VE

I am happy with this contest, I was not so tired - that is my win :) Results:

It will be exciting up to final results, congratulation to Sal HK1T, Juan YW5T and Philippe LX7I.