Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10m 4x6el G0KSC H-stack, part 1

   This is our 2014's year project. The four times 6el G0KSC 10m Yagis in H-stack configuration. We do have TOP, 80, 20 and 15 almost ready for the M/M contesting but we are still missing good system for 40 (need some 5el design) and 10m. We did have single 6el at 19m and also 4 x 5 el stack fixed to NA, but nothing bigger and rotary. So the idea is to have 4 times 6el rotary and another small stack 5 el + 6 el, one antenna to AF and SA and second one to Caribbean and NA. There will be our Stack Match to control it.

There is some inspiration from ZW5B:

Dan OK1HRA did some drawing:

Antenna holders:

And there are some first results: 

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