Tuesday, March 29, 2016

CQ WPX SSB 2016 SOSB15 OK7W + new roof

   We had some big problems with the roof on the warehouse and we had to build the new one. Another thing during the weekend was CQ WPX SSB contest. Because of work and no beverages I didn't run 80m in SOSB and there were just Standa OK1CID who run 15m SOSB. There are some pictures and contest result:

Martin OK1UGA :)

CQ WPX SSB 2016 OK7W SOSB 15m:

QSOs  1975
Pts      5435
WPX   796

Score : 4 326 260

Saturday, March 26, 2016

CQ WW SSB 2015 results !

   There are results of CQ WW SSB DX contest 2015. It was really incredible contest not only for me.

   Log check report:
************************** Summary ***************************

    3671 Claimed QSO before checking (does not include duplicates)
    3638 Final   QSO after  checking reductions

    7854 Claimed QSO points
    7659 Final   QSO points

     158 Claimed countries
     158 Final   countries

      40 Claimed zones
      40 Final   zones

     198 Claimed mults
     198 Final   mults

 1555092 Claimed score
 1516482 Final   score

    2.5% Score reduction
    0.9% Error Rate based on claimed and final qso counts
      25 (0.7%) calls copied incorrectly
       1 (0.0%) exchanges copied incorrectly
       7 (0.2%) not in log
      98 (2.6%) duplicates (Removed without penalty)
      21 (0.6%) calls unique to this log only (not removed)

3830 raw scores:

 And result :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Work and RUDXC 2016 SOSB 20m MIX OK7W

So which one? GU76b or SRL-353? :-)

Call: OK7W
Operator(s): OK1CID
Station: OL7M
Class: SOSB/20 HP
QTH: Policko
Operating Time (hrs):
Location: Northern Europe
Summary:   Compare Scores
BandCW QsPh QsCountriesOblasts
Total:79562510572Total Score1,787,523

Club: [none]

Another nice contest from OL7M Policko QTH. Thanks to OK2ZAW and OK1MU for help! Looking forward to hear you all again in WPX next weekend, 73 Standa OK1CID-OK7W !

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Six antenna switch KIT

   There is first antenna switch KIT at our web - RemoteQTH.com. It is six antenna input to one output one. This part can be use up to 72 MHz (144MHz) see measurements on web.

   And some more info at FaceBOOK page.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

ICOM IC-7600 : NO TX power - repairing, part 1

   I lost TX power on Icom IC-7600 before ARRL SSX DX contest. Tube PA failured and than Icom did not have any TX power. Just Id bias current was shown on the LCD.
   At first I looked at pre-driver, driver and PA voltages, all OK. Than I took R&S FSL-6 with small capacitor probe and measure RF power. There was only abt -60 dBm at the input of PA board. Than I connected generator on 14,1 MHz with 0 dBm and great, there is abot 70W at the output. PA board is alive! Than I looked at schematic again. There is small MMIC amp called BGA 616 with 18 dB of gain and some switching PIN diodes. I am affraid, this parts are under two another boards: Preamp board and Filter board. It was not easy to take it out, but I used CuAg wire and cleaned pins from the tin.   
   Than I measured RF power at PIN diode D604. Set TRX to 14,1 MHz, mode RTTY and press TX. There was about -13 dBm. On D601 was quite the same, so diode switching is right. Continued to D201 which is TX way switch diode, still the same. So all is clear. MMIC amp is dead. Instead of abt + 3 dBm at the MMIC output, there is -60 dBm.. not so bad for ATT, but for amp? :)

Preamp and BPF boards

Monday, March 7, 2016

ARRL DX SSB 2016 a few SOSBs... at OL7M

Brothers Standa OK1CID and Jindra OK1NOR run some singles at OL7M in ARRL SSB contest.
There are results :)

15m OK1CID as OK1CID
Total 1827 5481 60
Score : 328 860
20m OK1NOR as OK1OEA
Total 1514 4542 62
Score : 281 604
40m OK1CID as OK7W
Total 1463 4389 60
Score : 263 340

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


   Another nice weekend at QTH. We had got a lot of to do... problem with roof on our stock house, pack all beverages from the neighborhood fields and finaly Ondra OK1CDJ run CQ WW 160m SSB in single as OL7M. There are the results.

 New dummy load

 As usual ... food :)

Ondra OK1CDJ as OL7M in SO(A)