Sunday, July 22, 2018

Erecting first 5el for new 20m stack to NA

We spent more than two weeks at Policko OL7M QTH. There is stil something to do and repair... 
But main target were antennas for the new stacks for 15 and 20. All antennas are G0KSC design, 2 times 5el for 20m with 15,7m boom and 3 times 6el for 15m with 14,8 m boom. There are photos of the first TOP 5el for 20m after 4,5 hours on the tower :)


Thanks a lot to our new friend Pavel for big help! 


Sunday, July 8, 2018

10GHz OpenWEB RX at OL7M QTH

During the playing with RTL-SDR I have decided to try 10GHz OpenWEB SDR at OL7M. There are very nice and cheap LNB converters with PLL and 25 MHz X-tal. I found cheap TXCO in China for a few USD. So this was really nice way to start building stable and cheap 10 GHz converter for the RTL-SDR. And what more, split two LNBs to two directions. It means 3 dB more noise, but why not. 

We do have new tall tower which has got nice view in 360 deg. First LNB looks to N-W and second one to South. There are easy copy OK0EA and SR6XHZ and during RS conditions also OE beacons.

And easy modification for cheap RTL-SDR with new TCXO: HERE

OE beacons during RS

LNB directions

The TOP of the TWR with 2m APRS antenna.
LNBs in box