Friday, September 15, 2023

REMOTE controllers by and DM5XX

Let us introduce new products for remote control of your HAM RADIO device.

We have prepared two articles:

More articles will follow :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

 Tropo ducting week at 2m 09/2023

As usual... Tropo Ducting started just after the VHF contest. The conditions were above average and all week I was wondering where to turn the antenna earlier. Thanks to FT8, I can be QRV in the company even while working - for me, that's the main advantage right after being able to make nice QSOs with low power and also monitor conditions that would be impossible to monitor while operating CW or SSB...

Cool conditions lasted all week. Many nights I found myself missing new stations - I only saw the ones I already had in the log. It was also strange how slightly after midnight the stations disappeared - time to go to bed? :)

I heard a lot of stations over 1500km, but I didn't get many calls or only a few pings - a combination of Tropo and MS?

My RIG: 12 el G0KSC, 70 W, Adalm Pluto with TCXO and front-end, LNA 2x BF998. 
QTH: OL7M contest QTH, JO80CF, antena in 15m, REMOTE operation

Worked stations during the Tropo ducting

LoRa APRS OK2ZAW-17 (link) received stations

A few print screens from days...

4.9. 2023

6.9. 2023

7.9. 2023