Sunday, December 24, 2023

RX AUDITE VHF - version for 6 and 4m

This is new version of RX Audite. Redesigned for 50 and 70MHz, including filters, LNA with PGA-103+ and rest protections and switching as in the classic one.

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This is the ideal solution for monitoring both 6 and 4m bands using one dual band Yagi antenna. However, you can also use it on one band and monitor, for example, both FT8 bands (50,313 and 50,323), or monitor the analog segment (beacons) and the FT8 one at the same time. This allows better monitoring of propagation conditions. RX AUDITE VHF also includes LNA and bandpass filters to limit signals from HF and FM BC transmitters.

- 6 and/or 4m RX splitter
- Monitoring both FT8 segments at 6m
- Dual band antenna splitter to 6 and 4m
- Web SDR and skimmer
- RX protections
- Low Noise Preamp and filters