Tuesday, October 1, 2019

CQ WW RTTY as OL9A SOSB20 again

RTTY again! I missed it a lot. I run last CQ WW RTTY from OL7M Contest QTH in 2016 on 80m.
Than we were guests at A44A - great experience! So it was time to try our almost full setup for 20m. We are now missing one TOP yagi (38m) fixed to NA and rotary 5el in 31m. Mainly the TOP NA antenna is missing a lot! 

We made some rest work around wood on Friday and all setup was set up really fast. All worked great. We had also luck, because we lost electricity on Monday thanks to the strong wind.

And how about the contest? I was thinking about one milion of points but Aurora (K = 27) said NO :)
There are results from my last participation on 20m in 2015:

I made 712 NA stations (K + VE), 7 KH6, 5 KL7... And 263 JA stations.
This year:
I made 400 NA stations (K + VE), 0 KH6, 1 KL7... And 138 JA stations.

Compare to 2015 here.

During the first day I had only ONE QSO to California :)

Anyway one highlight from 3830 of W6QU / W8QZA with QRP! :
I had no QSOs in this contest that were outstanding, all were regular contest
Qs. I did have a lot of trouble getting into Europe and it was late Sunday AM
before OL9A finally came back to my calls. That was the event of the contest! I
gradually picked up 3 more Euros for a total of 4. Last year I had 17. 

Second day was better to NA, also worked 12 CA (49 CA in 2015) and found some more mults.
I used my IC-7800 and the second RX for searchong the mults. It was really nice, I found about 5 mults, when I stopped somewhere, than looked to decoder after some time and multiplier was there :)

Lets do something before contest :)
 Part of your antennas