Friday, July 21, 2017

OK0EE bcn 70.117 QRT...

   It is 7 years since we, together with Ondra OK1CDJ, mounted OK0EE 4m beacon. It worked great long years. But maybe a year ago it went QRT. Local ISP told me, that there were direct lightning strike... So I found time yesterday and made a trip to dismount it. We do have new - better QTH for it but I do not know if I will find some new hw. 

antenna coax is disconnected :)

 the way to bcn QTH

dipole antenna was also disconnected

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ham radio Friedrichshafen

   Friedrichshafen HAM Radio fest 2017 is over. It was really nice to see you all guys and we had got nice four days close to the Bodensee lake! We are looking forward to go these 1600 km again in the first week in June 2018!

   Thank you all for your fovor and we hope to bring some more parts next year to make more of you happy :) Do not forget to check also our Facebook page with more news and our web.

Nice to see you guys from EA8 and great friend Antonio CT1DVV !

Mike DM5XX came for Saturday / BIG contesters from Italy! :)

See you soon Antonio! And thanks for all nice Porto wine!

Some more GREEN power :) 

 I like Kaufland food. And wine from Tony and Antonio CT1ESV & CT1DVV

 Some animals and robots :)

 What a nice HW. And on the way home :)

Monday, July 10, 2017

IARU HF contest as OL7HQ 20m CW + INBAND

   Again, after a year we were a part of the national OL7HQ call. Last years we run 15m, this one it was 20m and CW. Unfortunately I was really busy before Friedrichshafen with some new parts for: I wanted to prepare more new things to the contest but the only one I could do was inband antenna... Thanks to Pavel OK1MU, we repaired old tri-band dipole and installed it on the tree into abt 13m. These inband antennas are more than 350m from the closest TX antenna and in the West direction. So together with high IP preamp  it worked quite well! There is still big room for improvemets so I hope to find more free time and prepare more parts for inband.

   And to the contest, the condx was good but participation from NA is still really low. Anyway, it looks on the best number of mults on 20m (cw + ssb) ever! On CW we made 171 JA and 600 NA.
Thank you for all QSO, 20m CW team: Pavel OK1MU, Franta OK1DF, Vlada OK1CW, Petr OK7AN and Jan OK2ZAW. 

 Petr OK2CQR nw OK7AN and inband view to NA :)

Tri-band dipole by Slavek OK1TN

I, as the technician on wireless ISP, will never do this :D - 2.4GHz link for next INBAND remore switching