Tuesday, September 9, 2014

2 el. MOXON for 40m at OL7M QTH

   The forty meters... well we have got 10el wire yagi somewhere to Florida and 5el wire yagi to VK but nothing rotary. We have nice plan to build 4 or 5el yagi with the big boom while we do have nice elements and also the boom but we do not have design and rotator. That is why we have decided to build small 2el Moxon antenna. 

   There is a lot of designes at the Internet but most of it is just for the wire elements. We used the optimalized design by Vasek OK7FL. And we must agree with his results!

   Our antenna is made with 6m central tubes with D = 40mm. Than there is fishing rod 6,5m long.

MMANA simulation at 19m:

Dipole insulator:

 Hard work! Dan OK1HRA

First test:

On RDM 19m TWR:

 The end of the day:

Wind load test next day: :)