Monday, October 26, 2020

CQ WW SSB 2020 as OL9A in SO80  

Crazy, noisy, aurora, QRM... I forgot it all. It was crazy weekend. We had to build 6 beverage antennas a few hours before the contest and pack it all a few hours after it. BIG thanks to Pavel OK1MU and Ondra OK1CDJ - SO160. First bigger test of new 5el wire yagi - looks good.

What ta say, K and A numbers said a lot. First night was full of QRM. Band was overfull and I could not copy weak NA stations. Finaly 164 were in log after the first night. There were NO conditions to East. Just to JA, big guns with low signals, UA9 very weak. It was only about EU. Than no conditins to NA. Signals like on TOP band. 

Total DXCC QSOs: 216 NA, 16 VE, 3 JA, 491 DL, 147 G

Very nice to be called by: CW5W, TI3KAC, HK3X, XE2X, T6A and many others.