Wednesday, October 28, 2015

CQ WW SSB 2015 OL9A SOSB20 (A) - WTC

   What a contest! ( hmm I am writing this quite often :) )... And write that I am a beginner on 20m is maybe not right too :) So we was thinking abt 10m. There is our nice H-frame, but no more antennas now. Conditions? There will not be any, for sure! Ondra OK1CDJ wanted to run 15m, but conditions? Sure, there will not be perfect. Finally he had a flue, sri :( Than only I stay on my plan and run 20m. There were a lot of BIG GUNS on the list (D4C, 4L8A etc) so lets try and we will see, that was our ideas. 
   I came to QTH on Thursday. I thought: I will sleep long time, relax on Friday.. slowly set up the station... hmm I can plan but reality could be totally different. And it was. There were a lot of another work at QTH and I could not set up station until 20:00 UTC. All worked, NA stations with great signals, time for the short sleep. I waked up on the time but not many stations on the band. I started with CQ and what is bad? Head phones? Checking cable, changing reduction, still the same. Ok, switch of the small driver, all OK now. Hmm relay contact problem in RX way. There is not pileup so I can replace it with another one. 

   Next problem was with the Online Score. Login does not work. It takes me quite a long time to have it ready working... But than it was really nice to see online scores. Guys, OH8L and OH1F, thank you for the really nice virtual fight! I was little bit nervous with the morning score compare to yours... But than I can run nice NA pileup during the afternoon and deleted all loss and be first. I am affraid, there was "inverted Murphy". In abt 21 UTC I went from 130 QSOs per hour to one third :( Band was closed for me... I hade 200k points more but when I saw your ufb runs,... it must be nice, band without any EU QRM, just NA pileup? For sure I wish it to you! Why "inverted Murphy", because normaly the Aurora plays against you on the north... so I went sleep for some hours. In the morning you deleted all losses and gave me 200k points. I was nervous again :)

   The start was slow and I was tired. "Why I have to speak in the RTTY contest? What I am doing here?" The nad slowly waked up for me. Morning is nice also thanks to VK + ZL long path QSOs. I made 63 VKs and 35 ZLs, TNX! So I hade big loss again. But NA pileups helped me back, slowly, but each minute I pulled it out. In 21 UTC I am first again ! Wau I wished to have more and more NA pileup but I am affraid, band went dark on the waterfall screen and pileup is gone.. But not for OH8L :) So I just tuned up and down through the band and made some QSOs. 
   What I do not understand is, why nobody from NA called me than. I found Marvin VE3VEE with 30dB over S9. I called him, " uff wau what a signal Jan... 30 over" But nobody called me than :) 

   A few highlights, it was really nice to be called by Ivan SU9IG, Pierre TT8AMO, Michal TY4AB, David 3D2KM and others. There are 8 x KH6, 16 x KL7, 19 x zone 1, 4 x zone 2 and 207 x zone 3.

   What to say more, just how to turn my Icom to make that strange signals as someone had? Do I really want to have clear fq because I am 4kHz wide?  

Anyway, thank you all for call and congrats to all!

Monday relax after 45h contest :)

 CU next time! And tnx for call!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1st international meeting @ OL7M

   It was really hard to find the common date with Mike DM5XX and us. There were pass a few month since FH and we all met at OL7M QTH. It was nice to welcome you Mike there! :-) We still have a lot of to speak about but we also found time for some work at QTH. Some beverages are on the fields.. new Stack Match on 20m 5 over 5 and finally some vodka and BBQ. There are pictures which say more:

SMD soldering lesson one:

20m DXing and BBQ

new stack match for 5 over 5 on 20m

Mike propels Pavel with GND rod .. hard work :)

 New and old coax stack match

 Some beverages

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New towers, continue...

   We had really nice visit by Jirka OK2RZ and Martin OK2EZ, and enjoyed a lot of fun! Than we are continuing with the work on the two "last" towers. There are some pictures:

Out first harvest :)