Monday, March 10, 2014

New product: one2three Stack Match

   This is new stack match with 3 outputs. It can be use as a power divider for more PAs driving, also for antenna stacking or multibeaming systems. Single or multi band antennas could be stacked.

   There are three versions: LP, MP ang HP for diferent power handling. Measurements could be found at web page.

ARRL DX CW contest 2014 OL7M M/M

   Letos jsme se poprvé zúčastnili ARRL DX contestu v kategorii Multi / Multi. Byla to zajímavá zkouška techniky a také nových operátorů. Až na drobné problémy to byl pohodový závod.

Příspěvek na 3830 od Pavla OK1MU:

Call: OL7M
Station: OL7M
Class: M/M HP
QTH: Policko
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe
Summary:   Compare Scores
Total:5410301Total Score4,883,424

First time in the M/M. Nice contest with great fun, new boys in the gang,
couple bottles of „russina wine“ before the contest, sauna and totally
relaxed atmosphere during the contest. Poor CONDX on 160m and 80m, average on
40m and nice on 20m,15m and 10m, where he WAS completed after 4 hours, hi.

Jan OK2ZAW again done an excellent job and ALL the equipment worked perfectly.
We are satisfied with all bands except 80m, where the first night were problems
with the RX and Sunday were CONDX already terrible and the loss was no longer
catch up.

Anyway, wonderful contest, thanks for all QSOs and new national record.

See you in SSB !

on behalf OL7M team

Pavel, OK1MU

TRX : 3 x IC775, IC-7600, 2 x IC-746PRO

160m  42m Vertical + 120 radials
80m   4 el. Sloper system
40m   10 e. wire Yagi
20m   stack 5/5 Yagi
15m   stack 6/6 Yagi
10m   only 6 el. Yagi

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