Saturday, January 31, 2015

OL5Q skimmer record of CQ WW TOP CW 2015

You can download the first hour of CQ WW 160 CW 2015 contest. [0.6 GB !!!] You can play it with HDSDR (Option - Select Input - open wav) and tune as you like :) You can see as the band is inflating!

There is only 2x10m dipole in 40m (120 feets) situated at my home in the Zdar nad Sazavou - JN79xn. Skimmer use QS1R receiver. The spots can be found at the RBN network.

There is the CW and RTTY skimmer server by Alex VE3NEA and great sw by Petr Paryzek.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

CQ WW 160 CW 2015

Call: OL7M
Station: OL7M
Class: Multi-Op HP
Operating Time (hrs): 40
Location: Northern Europe
Total:QSOs1493State/Prov35Countries72Total Score902,224

Overall poor conditions and lower turnout than in the previous years ... The best hour race was 167 QSO. There were bad condx US in Saturday, only 25 states, the Sunday was a little bit better. The only US from WC was N7GP from AZ. This year we had only temporary and short BVRGs: 2 x 260 m dir US 1 x 180 m dir US 1 x 170 m dir JA 1 x 160 m dir VK 1 x 100 m dir AF 1 x 210 dir SA 1 x 240 m dir Caribbean K9 Anyway we need to learn something new - tower detuning. It was really terrible to "see" our RBN signals in NA. We are missing a lot of dBs. Our new 30m (100fts) tower with 5el 20m Yagi works as perfect reflector to our 42m vertical antenna. Unfortunately it is situated in 320deg directly to NA... The JA direction worked fine, we were there over 40dB. Thank you for all the QSOs. The log is already on LoTW. See you in WPX RTTY and ARRL DX CW.. Pavel OK1MU, on behalf OL7M team

Sunday, January 11, 2015

10m 4x6el G0KSC H-stack, part 2

   We are still working on gigant H-frame stack for 10m. Thanks to Jarda OK1XUB, his father, blacksmith Jirka JISKRA, Milan JISKRA, Dan OK1HRA and Pavel OK1MU.There are some more picturse. We need better WX to elevate the tower.

   Now the H frame could be galvanized and we need to some another small works around. We are all looking forward to build Justin's 6el Yagis :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

ARRL Round-up RTTY contest

   The last year we had really luck. We did win ARRL RU RTTY 2014 in M/S. We were really looking for the next year. I have receinved a message on facebook from Gabry IT9RGY a month ago. Grabry is on Erasmus studies in OK and we are happy that he joined us!

Gabry IT9RGY is cooking spaghetti carbonara

Rest during the contest: L-R Jarda OK1XUB, Pavel OK1MU, Jindra OK1NOR, Standa OK1CID

Ondra OK1CDJ co-organizator of cooking:) and Franta OK1DF

Franta OK1DF (ex 7X0RY) preparing PC, and me. 

OK1MU, Pavel runing 80m.

Jarda OK1XUB first expirience with HF contesting - 20m multipliers.

myself OK2ZAW

We are comeing from all parts of OK (and IT9 :) )

Gabry with our plaque from 2014. A few points and it should be his and IT9BLB :)

Thanks a lot to ARRL for organize this great contest and for the plaque from 2014 !

3830 post:

There were unfortunately bad condx from Central Europe to North America this year. We can not compare us with the stations from the southern and western parts of EU. A decrease of 30% of the NA stations was quite crucial to the final result.

2013 - 693 QSO with NA
2014 - 682 QSO with NA
2015 - 443 QSO with NA

Even so, we enjoyed a wonderful weekend  with lots of fun - novice Jarda OK1XUB was first time attended to his first HF contest, our team was supported by the boys from VHF section of our club: Standa OK1CID and Jindra OK1NOR.It was pleasure to welcome Gabry IT9RGY. He is excellent operator ( also cook, hihi)  and very nice boy - we sure look forward to see you again, GabryAll the technology worked perfectly, thanks Jan OK2ZAW again! The best band was clearly 15m, with the best rate 87 QSO per hour.

Big Congratulations to IT9BLB and EI7M team.

Some more photos can be found at

Thank you all for the QSO and see you next year !

Pavel OK1MU on behalf OL7M gang

HNY 2015

   After a year we did have a really nice time at QTH during the New Years eve. We spent some time to get ready for ARRL RU RTTY and also enjoy our antennas...

Again after the year I tried some LP DX on 80m SSB.

Thanks a lot for nice QSOs to: Douglas N6BU, Anthony W6LC, Richard K7ZV and Robert N7UA.
Especial signal had Robert N7UA with real 59! Thanks a lot guys!

Something for the next post :) After a four years I switched on my PA. It is time to build anode PS :)