Sunday, August 30, 2015

NEW 6-to-1 antenna switch PCB

There is new PCB for 6-to-1 antenna switch which you can find at .

PCB and schematic:

SWR 160m to 6m and 6m to 2m:

Insert loss 160m to 6m and 6m to 2m:

CQ WPX SSB 2015 results

20m "TOP GUN" stack: 2 x HB9CV

A few month ago we have placed HB9CV on the TWR4 to EA + PY dir. Because it works good I have decided to build another one to the south EU + AF. I ordered Al pipes and used some old element holders from 10m yagi. It is incredible how it fits on the boom! This was designed for pipes .

There is boom and holder detail. Boom is 40x40x2:

Waiting under the bigger brother and on the TWR

Something from our garden :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Perseids 2015: Results  part 3

Thank you everyone for QSO. It was quit hot WX, but we did enjoy it a lot, also thanks to nice nature around! And there are some results:

6m opening SP/OK1MU and SP/OK1CID KO14na

 LY/OK1CU KO23bx and SP/OK1MU KO13nx

 Total QSOs from KO23bx and LY/OK2ZAW

And results:

SP/OK1MU - KO13NX - 50 QSOs on 50 MHz SSB/CW - QRV 50 min
SP/OK1MU - KO13NX - 105 QSO - 102 MS and 3 EME, QRV 35 h

SP/OK1CID - KO14NA - 50 MS QSO QRV 14 h 

LY/OK1CU - KO23BX -  45 MS QSO QRV 9 h

LY/OK2ZAW - KO23BX  -  174 QSO - 168 MS QSO and 6 EME QSO QRV 54 h

Total: 50 + 105 + 50 + 45 + 174 = abt 424 QSOs

See you next year from ??? :-)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Perseids 2015 SP/OK1CID KO14na and 

LY/OK1CU - LY/OK2ZAW KO23bx  part 2

We were on the border of KO13 and KO14. It was really funny to see GPS locator during a few steps strange the field:

With half on KO13 and another one on KO14 :)

Antenna in KO14na:

After a few hours of the QTH finding, we are in KO23bx, close to the lake:

And we are QRV, Slavek OK1CU: