Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Before the Perseids 2015: SP/OK1MU & LY/OK2ZAW

Again, after the year, the members of OL7M team (OK1CU, OK1MU, OK1CID, OK1NOR, OK1UGP, OK2ZAW) are going to activate rare locators KO13 and KO23. We would like to be QRV since 9th to 11th as SP/OK1MU from KO13 and 11th to 14th as LY/OK2ZAW from KO23.

As usual with the classic setup for 144MHz CW/SSB/MS and EME 11el + 400W with elevation rotator and this year also on 10GHz Tropo/RS (70cm dish + 1W). 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

OL7M team.

Testing RIG :)
OK2DL at 10GHz tropo test

Beacon at 10GHz

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