Sunday, July 8, 2018

10GHz OpenWEB RX at OL7M QTH

During the playing with RTL-SDR I have decided to try 10GHz OpenWEB SDR at OL7M. There are very nice and cheap LNB converters with PLL and 25 MHz X-tal. I found cheap TXCO in China for a few USD. So this was really nice way to start building stable and cheap 10 GHz converter for the RTL-SDR. And what more, split two LNBs to two directions. It means 3 dB more noise, but why not. 

We do have new tall tower which has got nice view in 360 deg. First LNB looks to N-W and second one to South. There are easy copy OK0EA and SR6XHZ and during RS conditions also OE beacons.

And easy modification for cheap RTL-SDR with new TCXO: HERE

OE beacons during RS

LNB directions

The TOP of the TWR with 2m APRS antenna.
LNBs in box

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