Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Not only Band Decoder by

   New product at This is Band decoder with another TRX control output based on Arduino.

Main features:

Allows you to read the frequency or band data from your transceiver and switch output relay(s) by the defined rules . Another feature allows you to send frequency to another Icom or Kenwood transceiver (synchronize tuning). Suitable for switching antennas, RX/TX filters, PA, transverters...

Main functions:

  • Available Inputs
    • Serial ASCII
    • Icom CIV
    • Kenwood CAT
    • Yaesu BCD
    • Icom ACC voltage
  • Outputs
    • 14 Relay  (0,5A/125VAC, 1A/24VDC)
    • USB serial ASCII echo
    • Yaesu BCD (relay 11-14)
    • Icom CIV
    • Kenwood CAT
  • Watchdog - if input data missing all relays go OFF after defined time.
  • Fourteen LED output indicated.
  • Configureable in arduino source code.
  • Open code - you can modify.
  • Arduino NANO module compatible.
  • 5V power voltage from USB mini plug.
  • Size 22x3x7cm.
  • Weight 270g.

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