Tuesday, February 16, 2016

CQ WPX RTTY 2016 1st time in M/S category - NEW EU record

After a many years in SOSB categories, for the first time  we chose the “king”  M/S category. Finally, it was a good choice and great fun topped with a new European record !
But from the beginning. The start of the contest  did not look very good - two broken PAs before the start, lost one   rotator and  CONDX on 40 meters were realy terrible during the first night from central EU to  USA. Fortunately the second night were mutch better on 40 meters and also 80 meters had good activity. Beyond that, the upper bands went well and the total activity was also good.

We are satisfied with all bands and totally worked 101 DXCC, 621 x NA and 339 x JA.
Special Thanks to Jan OK2ZAW, who done an excellent job again and ALL the equipment worked perfectly!

Our setup :
80m – 4 el. Sloper dipoles system with 4SQ hybrid done by www.QRO.cz , dipole
40m – 10 el. Wire Yagi dir USA, 2 el Moxon for EU and JA, dipole
20m – 2 x 5 stack, 2 x 2 HB9CV, 5 el Y
15m – 2 x 6 el. Stack , 5 el Y, 4el Y
10m – 4 x 6 H-frame stack , 6 el Y

RX - 6 x BVRG + K9 and switching by www.RemoteQTH.com

Congratulations to  ED1R, HG7T, HG1S, K1SFA and others MS teams and thanks for nice competitions. More info http://qrz.com/db/OL7M and http://ok2zaw.blogspot.cz/

Thank you all for the QSOs and see you in ARRL CW !

Pavel OK1MU on behalf OL7M team
What a nice WX, just arrived to QTH...

OL7M's home made bread - turtle design :) and strawberry cake

Mike DM5XX/OK8XX and first JAs on 10m with our 4 x 6el H-frame stack 

RTTY novices Mike DM5XX Jarda OK1XUB and Jindra OK1NOR (L,R,T)

 African Tiger OK1DF (7X0RY) and Karel OK3KW

 Fingers of full automatic MAN antenna switch controller by Karel OK3KW

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