Monday, May 15, 2017

NEW tower with number 7 at OL7M

   And we are happy again :) After more than 6 month we erected new tower, the highest one. It has got number 7 and there will be fixed stacks to NA. Our plan is 2 x 5el for 20m and 3 x 6 for 15m. We will have another, the same tower, about 70m far away and in the direction to NA. So I hope to put there also 5 el wire yagi for 80m band :)

Special thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this project real! Slavek OK1CU, Ondra OK1CDJ, Standa OK1CID, Dan OK1HRA, Pavel OK1MU, Jan OK2ZAW, Milos OK1UOW,  Jarda OK1XUB and his father and our friend Lada.

 And there are some photos from last weekend:

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Some more TWR7 work and the witches' night

   It was cold and rainy weekend but Sunday and Monday we could continue with some TWR and the rest spring works in better WX.
   We hope to erect our highest TWR as soon as possible and make Christmas tree with 2 x 5el for 20m and 3 x 6el for 15m.

technical supervisor

witches' night

Some work on the frames for bees / Slavek OK1CU and Martin OK1UGA and new hedgerow