Monday, May 29, 2017

CQ WPX CW new category: bathroom building :)  part 1

   We spoke about the bathroom for long years. We spend a lot of days at QTH, sometime more than a week or two. Also during the contest the shower is perfect and refreshing thing. 

   And because Pavel OK1MU was somewhere in EK and rest OPs were not interestes in the contest, we have decided to start with bathroom building. CQ WPX CW was a good chance to test new DELL PC with Intel I7 CPU as CW + RTTY skimmer. These CPUs are incredible! More than 2k CW decoders and abt 100 on RTTY and CPU runs only on abt 15 percent! What more, power consumption is only 38W !?! Condx looked great during the Saturday morning. Look at 20m band:

Unfortunately magnetic storm reversed it...

So we were happy to spending the time with something more funny and useful to the future!

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