Monday, April 29, 2019

Tower number 9

   After some weeks of work on it, new tower number nine is on the place. It is our smaller one :)
Tower is 21,5m tall, main part is 16m long and there is another 5,5m of pipes. This tower will carry rotary: 6+4m 12 el Yagi and 30m HB9CV. Than it will be support for two HB9CVs for 20m. These fixed antennas will help us (we hope) to work more EU and SDX on 20m band. 

   Thanks to my girlfriend Lucka, we made some more work on warehouse.

Good start is very important!

 Cora, our black lady :)
 Some forgotten work on warehouse 
 Cold and rainy Monday... time for crane
 Pavel OK1MU

Number NINE on the place :)

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