Monday, June 6, 2016

Policko life and work

   Another weekend is over and there are some photos from it. We had another visit by Mike DM5XX/OK8XX and he was really enjoying the tractor driving :) We also did some work before FH HAM fest and there must be some fun too - my burgers and some vodka :) It was fine to see some another friends and Alex OK1RS and Ondra OK1CDJMartin OK1UGA and Slavek OK1CU did great work around EME hamshack and QTH is nicer and nicer... But we have to go back to some TWR and ANT work soon!

Mike DM5XX as Spider man ?

Ondra OK1CDJ testing some new antenna / and snowing?


 Some show desk to FH. TNX to Dan OK1HRA!

Happy like the kid by Mike

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