Wednesday, July 13, 2016

OL6HQ IARU HQ contest 2016: 15m CW from OL7M

   Again, after a year, we run 15m CW as OL6HQ in the IARU HQ contest. The condx was terrible (SFI = 78 and A = 23 ... ). There were no signals from NA and JA last 3 days before the contest...

   Finally we are satisfied, worked 105 DXCC, 107 OK and only 200 NA and 20 JA.

Mult and Run station. IC-7600 and IC-7800

Petr OK2CQR and Pavel OK1MU


Our team on the next twr.

Team: Petr OK2CQR, Dan OK1HRA, Pavel OK1MU, Jan OK2ZAW and Standa OK1CID 

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