Monday, February 20, 2017

CQ skimmer server during ARRL CW 2017 at OL7M

   A week ago I ordered nice piece of HW not only as measurement tool: Red Pitaya
This is really nice piece of HW with nice web tools like: logic analyzer, oscilloscope, signal generator, spectrum analyser etc + SDR TRX or RX ! What more, SDR RX allows you to run up to 6  x 192kHz independant RX and it all as CW + RTTY skimmer!

   So I connected it to NA1 beverage at OL7M via the BIG RX box with BPF and preamp and there are the results :)

First hour of the ARRL CW 2017

80m and all bands in 05 UTC

 And compare the signals

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