Thursday, August 10, 2017

4 days - 50 hours = clear head and new projects :)

   We didn 't  have a time last year :( Thanks this we can not start with new antennas for 15 and 20m.We started on Friday and since Monday we worked 12 hours per day. It would be nice to have some more hands but it could be worse :)

Lets start :)
Lets improve grounding :)

 Great idea but it is much better with sifter...
 Our Policko spiders

 Thanks to Maja for nice picture :)

 Another 12 tons of sand 
 A few cables for the wireless com :)
 Jarda is happy after good work :)

 New project for Slavek OK1CU and Martin OK1UGA : 23cm EME dish

Maja, daughter of Mike DM5XX with our cat :)
 View from new tower