Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring is here ! And new 6/4m 13el Yagi

Thanks to the public holiday we did have four days weekend :) After some month Mike DM5XX/OK8XX came again to see us and enjoy the Policko QTH. There has been really nice WX last days and weeks so we needed to cut the green too. It took almost 3 days! 

I spent one day with antenna building. I do have nice design for 6 and 4 meters antenna on one boom from Popa YU7EF. Antenna is placed on the temporary place and waiting for JA condx :) 

I have also played with new Raspberry PI on TWR7 in 38m. It works as webcam, 2m APRS I-gate and soon also as 10GHz public webRX. 

Feed point of 4/6m Yagi


Temporary palce for 4/6m 13el Yagi, under 10m one.