Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Results of the Storm Eberhard...

There were a lot of storms... We lost TOP band vertical last year etc. But this was maybe the strongest one ever at OL7M QTH. Most of rotary antennas is shifted on the pipes... Usually, the strongest winds come from 300 deg. So "parking" position for the antenas is to NA. That Eberhard was different. It looks on W or SW wind. The antenns: 5el for 20m is shifted by 40 deg, 6el for 15m the same, bottom 6el for 15m has broken M8 screw on the linear motor and the two top antennas in the new stacks are demaged... So a lot of work on old antennas instead of new towers and antennas :( Thats live :)

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