Sunday, December 8, 2019

Radio Astronomy 8.4 GHz, part 1: building antenna

It was my childhood dream, EME and radio astronomy. I took long years and now I do have room and rest parts but missing time :) This winter (2019) I have decided to do something. On the wine with my friend Lubos OK2BEN we have started to speak about mechanical parts. He sent me full mechanical drawings after a few weeks :) What a service. Also with the full list of parts so I just could order it and start...

The mechanical system is based on nice HW by Marek OK2DL

A few years ago we got nice 4m dish from NEC. It has got f/b = 0,25. It is not very usable for EME. I have decided to learn more about mechanical systems and good RX from the space. This is great possibility.

So I bought welding machine and started learning :) There is a lot of to improve and learn...

Thanks to my girlfriend Lucka for help :)

Franta OK1CA visited me one day and we spoke about satellites, EME and also 8.4 GHz. He offered me his septum feed design. I bought all parts for two pieces and found one Sunday. Result was one feed which I sent to Franta for tunning. Thanks a lot Franto! He allowed me to publish his designe: HERE you can download it.

I found small piece of CuAg sheet and started.

And there are results for port isolation and S11:

 Photos from Franta: Kumar for dish

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