Sunday, May 17, 2020

New 40m 4el full size yagi - part 1: tower & boom

This is is the biggest antenna project after 4 x 6el H-frame for 10m. We have spoken about this 4 el 7MHz yagi for long years. Like: "one day..." And also due to the COVID-19 this project could start. 

We have to thanks a lot to Jiri OK1RI for many hours of simulations because this antenna has crazy tubing. The elements and also the boom are from the biggest Titanex log periodic antenna. The material is incredible, maybe impossible to buy it here in this time... Jiri helped us a lot not only with the design but also with all his life experiences. Thanks a lot Jiri!!!

Antenna will have 19m long boom. Elements start with 105mm tube and end with 11mm. It is 14 diameters of the tubes :) Elements are around 180kg and boom 140kg. So together around 320kg of this incredible aluminium material. Longest one is 23m. The boom is 70x70x70cm and as you can see, you can walk on it without any problems :)

Thanks a lot to Pavel OK1MU for all his work around it in the past as well as now, during the covid-19 restrictions. Pavel spent all his free time with it. Also thanks to Jarda OK1XUB, who helps him a lot.

There are some photos from last weeks.

Pavel OK1MU walks on th boom.

Martin OK1UGA works on 6m dish.

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