Saturday, July 11, 2020

3. Subregional Contest - Field day 144 MHz MO OL7M

We have decided to run Field day which we run last time 5 years ago. We slowly started on friday in four: Pavel OK1MU, Standa OK1CID, Jindra OK1NOR and Jan OK2ZAW. Weather was really nice and all went great. We made fire and talk a little bit in the evening. Rest was done on Saturday when Olda OK1UGP and Milos OK1UOW came.

I also installed Lora APRS WX station for the first test. It is solar powered with about 30 mW on 70 cm. You can see WX graphs here.

We had got totaly 4 directions and all worked well. Result is around 745 QSO with 248k points.

 Velká Deštná, the top hill of Eagle Mountains
 Lora APRS WX station

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