Wednesday, December 9, 2020

LoRa APRS - part 2: TTGO Lora32 as iGate  & Digipeater 

There is some small info about cheap LoRa APRS iGate or Digipeater on small TTGO board. This board is used at my Digipeater in the Eagle Mountains as OK2ZAW-17. All HW is solar powered with 4 Ah / 12 V. Power consumption is around 0,035 A / 13 V what is around 11 W per day. Lets see how the solar power system could work in 1100 m asl during the winter time. More at

Github project by Peter Buchegger: LoRa APRS iGate (link)

- Check supported boards

- There is quick start in german: Installation notes

Installation step by step:

(There are also notes, how to uploade code - tracker  - LINK here )
- Download project code (ZIP file): link here

- Download and install PlatformIO IDElink here

- When installed open IDE, go to left side and click Extensions - search PlatformIO and install it

- Then click to "UFO head"

- Right side: Import Arduino Project

- Select board you would like to use and open project 

- In data/is-cfg.json you have to set what do you need:
- iGate or Digipeater, position, call, wifi etc.
- for Digipeater set: digi/active to true
- for APRS iGate set: aprs_is/active to true, than password and server setting

- In platformio.ini you need to select right board. After upload you will see if LCD works :)

- Then you can try Compile and Upload - you have to connect board to USB firts

- LCD should be:

- This means, than you uploaded code, but not configuration - half win :)
- Lets upload configuration file - you must do it anytime when you change Data file

- Now you should be online :) - Digipeater configuration

Thanks a lot to Pavel OK1PHU for help :) I was going crazy from PlatformIO :D

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