Thursday, May 20, 2021

 Outstanding opening on 6m to NA 19th May 2021

I had big luck to be on air during the afternoon 19th  May 2021. I were able to work NA until 1 am in the morning. Big surprise was John W7CD from WA. Quick QSO with strong signal. He played for more than 1,5 hours around -10 dB signal.

I totaly made 80 NA stations during evening!

It was very nice to meet some friends. First QSO to NA this year was with Pat W5VY. Thanks for email PAt :) 

Hello Jan,

I was great to work you on 6M FT8 today!  Your Four to One QRO switch was in-line….with very little attenuation!!

73, Pat, W5VY

Thanks also to Gary K9RX and Mark K4SO.

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