Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CQ WPX SSB 2015 as OL9A SOSB20(A)

   This was my first time single op on 20m band. It was not my favorite band but now I am looking forward to run again :) We were thinking about Multi/Multi but did not find enough operators. Than Standa OK1CID run 15m SOSB(A) as OL7M and I 20m SOSB(A) as OL9A.

   Standa donated 2el HB9CV for 15 and 20 so we spent Friday on the tower to get it ready with new Stack Match II. by our RemoteQTH.com. Finally all works :)

        antenna measuring in 18m :)                             

Stack Match II. by RemoteQTH.com

becoming crazy

   And what about the contest... I didn't have any experience with 20m so it all were suprise for me! Band was open from 0 UTC and I was late abt 25min. There were nice signals from NA and I have never heard so many times : booming, very strong :) Nice start, isn't it? Another nice thing, LP to VK and ZL. Totaly 40 x VK and 10 x ZL worked, most via LP. The highlight? For sure Dave VK2BSY with his "walking mobile!". Really nice signal Dave via LP! Another ones: 13 x  KL7, 6 x KH6, Victor E51USA, FO8AA, H4 and a lot of mobiles not only from USA. Worked  1000 x USA and 100 x VE. But where there are JA stations???

   Anyway all worked fine and new small HB9CV to SA and AF dir helped to catch some PY ane LU in the QRM.

The final score:

Total:2566Prefixes1090Total Score5,966,660

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