Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Playing with new HW

   There are some new projects. First one is 6-to-6 interlock system for 6 to 6 switching. This is main "brain" of it. Optocouplers at inputs, relays at outputs. Each TRX will have controller with PTT and HOT switch protection. You can control it with simply rotary switch or push buttons or CAT.

   Another ones are 6-to-1 switch controller and stack match controller. First one allows you to control 6-to-1 antenna switch, basicly with push buttons but also with CAT or Ethernet (IP version).

    Stack match controller could be use as multibeaming controller (with small hand box) or antennas stack - 1/2/3 + BiP, BoP etc. Again web controll as the option. Included hot switch protection and PTT sequencing...


   There is our Open interface and we would like to work at version 2. With some new features as PTT interlock input, AF MOD way switching, RTTY TX text decoder etc... (Thanks Goody K3NG for help!)

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