Monday, May 30, 2016

CQ WPX CW at OL7M: SP ham fest Los and 1st honey

   There were an amateur event called CQ WPX CW contest last weekend. We had a dilemma if run the contest or went to the HAM fest in Poland. It was really nice to meet new friends from OM: Rado and Adrian from LC Antennas and also SP hams. WX was nice and we had really luck, because it started raining when we went back home. After a few hours we stopped for gold end - fried trout on the SP border :)
   Than we had a lot of to do on Sunday and I went home in the Monday morning. Dan OK1HRA tested new code for the Multi-TRX Band decoder for the new matrix antenna switch. And because of next busy weekends, we have decided to extract the honey. This is really nice and sweet work :) 


OK1HRA testing multi TRX band decoder

Extracting the honey

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