Monday, May 9, 2016

Spring Holice HAM fest, mountains, work ...

   There were nice weather last weekend and a lot of to do as usual... On Friday I wanted to start our OLD garden tractor but the starter did have damaged gear. Thanks to Slavek OK1CU for the new one! In the Saturday morning I went to a small HAM event - spring Holice meeting. Thanks to members of OK1KHL and especially to Lucka for the tea and great cake! Then I went to the Eagle mountains to see the VHF-UHF membetrs of OL7M. Jindra OK1NOR finally run 2m SOSB in the second subregional contest. And back on Policko (OL7M QTH), we could start and cut the grass. This is hard work, our 19.000 m2 takes about 11 hours... 

   Another thing is new feature in OL7M server (RemoteQTH server). Dan OK1HRA added electic power consumption meter to first 2 houses. It is another graphing tool after solar power meter :-)

Eagle mountains

 Jindra OK1NOR 144 MHz contest and Dan OK1HRA with magnetic loop

 small garden :)

 Starter gear

Martin OK1UGA and Slavek OK1CU insulate EME ham shack

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