Monday, August 15, 2016

Perseids 2016: 9A/OK2ZAW + 9A/OK1MU 

- close to new 144MHz MS world record

   Again (click for more), after a year, we were somewhere in the rare squares :) It is our 5th time MS DXP! The OL7M team was: Pavel OK1MU, Standa OK1CID, Olda OK1UGP and myself OK2ZAW. 
   At first, we have to THANKS a lot to Roland 9A3MR. We could rent 9A0KG contest QTH and used their 4x9el system and site. What more, we could taste great 9A food, played Balote and use Rolando's land at Murter island!

   What we could not believed in was the test with Fernando EA8TX. Fernando made new 144MHz MS world record with S50C. We didn't believe, that it would be possible from us, but we tried it. During the first try we didn't copy anything. But Fernando did!

Our signals in IL18qi:

201030 27.8  420  8 26   78     51A ZMHTX 9A/OK2ZAW EA8TX 9G/OK2ZAW EA8T
204730 23.4  220  7 26   69     UOK2*J7 EA8TX 26 26 9A/OK2ZA 7QI09 

And another test:

011300 27.3 260 4 26 -30 A/OK2ZAG EA8TX 9A/OK2ZAW EA,VY 9A7OA.ZDW

And finally during last sked we heard him but he did not copy us.. :

193231 28.2  100  2 16 -173     9ZOK3ZA  R  KT*.  
193931  8.8  420  1 26 -140       U  91/OK2ZAW EA8TX 9A/OK2ZA70EBXTXC9A 
205031 18.7  160  0 26  -65     CEATT8  Q?NOBZAW7E H*  9A
205031 18.9  260  1 26  -92     OO  U #K5 4T 9H CK9ZAW !A8TX ,K/KO2Z

We spent 7 hours and were close to new MS 2m world record.. almost 3400km to EA8TX

   And from begining:

My car packed at OL7M QTH in JO80cf

 And here we are: 9A0KG QTH in JN83fo:

 Long way: Olda OK1UGP and Standa OK1CID

 Pavel OK1MU is running! And Me...

 Local style food!

One evening spent with game called Balote :)

  Piece of the paradise in JN73ts

Field style QTH :)

L to R: Olda OK1UGP, Standa OK1CID, Rolando 9A3MR, Pavel OK1MU and Jan OK2ZAW

Hard work!!! :)

And there are the results:

As 9A/OK2ZAW from JN83fo: 143 MS QSO + 6 QSO Tropo - 78 LOC ODX EI6GF 1958km

As 9A/OK1MU from JN73ts: 102 MS QSO + 6 QSO Tropo ODX OH4PA 1939km

So finally from 9A we made 245 MS and 12 Tropo QSO and abt 83 LOC.

QSOs from JN83fo and JN73ts:

All QSOs

QSL CARDs: We will send QSL card to everyone via bureau automaticly in a few month! We do not need your one. If you want QSL direct, please only with SASE! I hope you understand, this trip costed abt 250 Euro each of us...

Thanks a lot to everyone for patience and QSO.. And see you next year from ??? :-)

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