Monday, September 12, 2016

VHF contest 2016 OL7M and PET-CUBE sat :)

VHF contest last year 2015

I wasn't there last year but it was really crazy contest. You can imagine that from these photos... We lost almost all 2m antennas, rotator etc. On the other hand the WX was really great this year. We could sit in T-shirt also during the night, what is in 1100m asl really nice. Watching stars and running contest with the rest of RIG: 12el + 12el + 4x10el.

And result:
                 OL7MJO80FG694QSO262160 points

4x10el H-frame and Olda OK1UGP pose into the magazine!

2kW PA in the bunker ( runs 1,3kW )

NEW project! PET-CUBE sat!

four, tree, two oneeeeeeeeeeee

PET-CUBE sat lost in atmosphere :-(

Standa OK1CID running contest

All running, Milos OK1UOW can relax :)

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