Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A few weeks before CQ WW SSB - flying HB9CV

   When I came to QTH a few weeks ago I found broken top HB9CV for 20m. We decided to make some changes on it and we tried to take it down and up. Together with Dan we climbed to the tower and did anything we need to do... but unfortunately we made "small mistake" with the loop of the rope and than.. noooo, antenna is flying from 15m to the ground.


 New special aerodynamic antenna design

   What we could do, we could just smile :) So Thanks to Ondra OK1CDJ who bought new 3m of 30/2mm Al pipe and I could repair it. So last weekend we starter with some beef and port steaks...
I spent whole Saturday with the solar system repairing, some work on the new tower and so on. On Sunday I repaired HB9CV and Ondra OK1CDJ and Pavel OK1MU walked around the QTH and built beverages. Really hard work, 12,5 km of walking there and back, there and back :)

   Now we have to build rest beverages, connect it, test it and after long hours we hope to have ready 160m and 20m for CQ WW SSB 2016 for the two SOSBs. See you there and GL to all! 

 Lets make the evening better!


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