Sunday, October 2, 2016

Upgrading internet link with 10GHz link

   Because of the high QRM in 5.7GHz WiFi we started to have problems with internet stability and latency. We had our private link, than we were connected to AP with another clients and there were still a lot of problems. Main one was with our remote station using.

   I had a luck and gained old 30Mbit FD 10GHz link. It is quite slow technology for modern ISP but it is fine for us! :) So now we have got better last mile link + new WX station and the next step will be fiber cables between houses and from TWR...

Our ISP JVnet

OL7M side: fiber media converter + IF modem


 Arduino fo WX station, code by Mike OK8XX

Redundant PS from 48V to 16V - WX station

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