Tuesday, February 12, 2019


   I love RTTY :) What more, a year ago we have tried the SO2R 2BSIQ in the BARTG contest. It was a lot of fun! Than Pavel OK1MU as OK6W won the EU in the CQ WPX RTTY 2018 (link) and new way of the single operator contesting started ...

   I wanted to test some new HW, also our new STACK for 20m (link) and enjoyed 2BSIQ contesting in the big contest. All the HW worked great. A lot of new ideas and more work have to be done anyway.

   DX conditions were not so good. The 80m was higher than average, I played on the WC almost all night, also some W6, W7 are in the log. On the other hand, the 40m was really bad. I had less than half of QSOs on 40 than on 80m after the first night... I was not able to have good RUN on 40m during all contest :( The 20m was also not as good as it could be, but our new stack helped a lot! 

   I logged 562 USA, 48 VE, 137 JA and 32 YB.

There were also opening on 15m with the great signal from CT3, but I also easily made the only NA station - W3GH. Thare are no skimmers, so no more spots in RBN :(

   See you next weekend in ARRL CW as OL7M in multi.

80m: 4SQ + dipole
40m: 8el wire Yagi to NA + 2el Moxon
20m: 5/5 stack + 5/5 NEW design stack to NA + 2 x HB9CV (SA,AF)
15m: 6/6
6x beverage
New IP beverage switching by RemoteQTH.com

IC-7800 + IC-7600


RBN at WA7LNW on 80m 

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